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We help our customers to find the right property to satisfy their every need and immediately make them enthusiastic!

The search for a property often becomes a long and nerve-wracking activity, instead of being the pleasant moment in which you are looking for the home of your dreams! This is because we find ourselves having to manage countless relationships, not always rewarding, with a multitude of people. Meetings, explanations, phone calls, appointments, search for documents, lack of qualified assistance, countless real estate portals, specialized magazines, real estate agencies. All this entails for the Client a considerable waste of physical and mental energy and a waste of time taken away from work, family and time. By relying on our Property finder service you will delegate every single fulfillment to our agency and our staff who will work for you.


Who is the Property Finder?

The Property Finder figure was born in the United States during the early 90s. The Property Finder is a real estate professional, a licensed real estate agent who specializes in finding properties for their clients.

To guarantee an excellent service, the Property Finder must have a deep knowledge of the real estate market in the area and must have a vast network of relationships in the area. Unlike traditional agencies, which have their real estate portfolio as their main reference, it considerably expands the research potential on the entire market by including private individuals, the best colleagues in the sector and also that range of properties that are not on the market and of which the professional has knowledge through trusted people. It also carries out thorough legal checks and the necessary checks to ensure that the property is free from defects and that everything is in order at the cadastral and urban planning level.

What will we do for you?

We will make an appointment immediately to listen to your requests and needs and together we will establish the best possible choice according to your wishes. We at Gente di Mare will need to know all the details that the property must have to understand and satisfy all your wishes and to carry out a targeted search.

What do you have to do?

Absolutely nothing!

Mnetre we are looking for the property of your dreams, you can continue to carry out your daily activities, think about your interests and your family with the utmost serenity. In the meantime, I will constantly update you on the progress of the search for your new home.


I will listen to you, I will try to understand your needs and I will guide you to the choice of the property and the conclusion of the notarial and bureaucratic procedures. As my client you will receive a tailor-made service, you will not waste time and energy behind the problems of the market and in research.

Here are some advantages:

  •   A targeted and personalized consultancy service;
  •   Careful listening and careful selection;
  •   High quality and effective research;
  •   Technical, tax and financial assistance;
  •   A single point of contact with whom to relate;
  •   Save time and money;
  •   Communications in your language (English, French, German or via translator in other languages);
  •   After-sales services.


Once you have identified the property of your dreams, we will also follow you in all the necessary contractual and economic aspects.

This new way of understanding the search for a property may seem strange to you, but the fact is that the Property Finder is still the best possible solution to find what you are looking for!


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Find the house of your dreams!

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