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We help our customers to find the right property to satisfy their every need and immediately make them enthusiastic!

The search for a property often becomes a long and nerve-wracking activity, instead of being the pleasant moment in which you are looking for the home of your dreams! This is because we find ourselves having to manage countless relationships, not always rewarding, with a multitude of people. Meetings, explanations, phone calls, appointments, search for documents, lack of qualified assist ...


Our team takes care of creating the best marketing strategies for each of our properties

Promoting a luxury property or property with particular historical-social characteristics for a local and international clientele requires specific expertise. Gente di Mare Real Estate employs a team of experienced professionals in the sector, expression of a plurality of skills. Thanks to our work, we are able to optimize and make the most of every exclusive property in our portfolio. ...


We study and develop winning marketing strategies for the sale of properties.

PERSONALIZED SALES ASSIGNMENTS The mission of Gente di Mare, a specialist in the real estate sector, is to best respond to the needs of a large clientele. In order to reach and satisfy our target, strategies are adopted aimed at designing a tailor-made quality and highly personalized service. The customer has the opportunity to agree on the guidelines that our team will have to follow t ...


We understand and welcome the specific needs of owners who entrust us with their property for sale. We provide all our expertise and professionalism in order to conclude a sale as quickly as possible.

Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate sector, Gente di Mare Real Estate has reached the highest levels of specialization and professionalism aimed at significantly expanding the offer of qualified and differentiated services. The constant work and the high commitment of every day created in such a way as to combine resources and highly qualified personnel with know-how a ...


We provide our specialized resources as a function of a specific search aimed at finding the ideal home for the buyer.

Years of constant and professional activity in the real estate brokerage sector have allowed us to create a reliable and credible corporate image thanks to which we have established an intense network of relationships that have allowed us to increase our competitiveness. We offer a very wide and differentiated offer suitable to satisfy multiple requests, but we also present the possibil ...


Discover our 10-step real estate sales method. To sell villas and trulli with swimming pool, typical stone houses, farms in the renowned Puglia.

Our sales method consists of 10 steps that are customized based on: type of property (villa, trullo, detached house, masseria) needs of the owner target buyers. To achieve the goal of selling a house, we take care of each step professionally and never leave anything to chance. First of all, we provide our owners with the experience gained in over twenty-five years of activity in ...


To each his own home and that is why our consulting services are always ready and available for all our customers.

Ours is not just a job, it is a passion, it is wanting to follow people in every step of a choice that is not always easy. Finding the house that best suits your needs is possible, if you are helped by those who are able to listen and share experience and dedication. A COMPLETE ADVICE FOR OUR REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO Our real estate consultancy focuses mainly on properties in the beautifu ...


Our work does not end with the purchase of the property, we help the customer by following him in his after-sales service.

Gente di Mare has integrated its activities and strategies with a careful and attentive after-sales service aimed at corresponding to a greater extent to the new needs of the market, with the aim of offering a complete service that does not end with the acquisition of immobile, but continue over time. Our professional commitment, our competence and attention to customer needs will be at ...


We not only offer support in the search for the dream property, but we also help customers in the legal field thanks to our collaborators.

In order to enhance and enhance the services offered, guaranteeing our customers a range of services as broad and diversified as possible, we are provided, through a dense communication network, with quality consultants and well-known professionals in the legal and tax field in order to standardize , also this type of offer, to the excellence that distinguishes the entirety of our interv ...


Find the house of your dreams!