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We understand and welcome the specific needs of owners who entrust us with their property for sale. We provide all our expertise and professionalism in order to conclude a sale as quickly as possible.

Thanks to many years of experience in the real estate sector, Gente di Mare Real Estate has reached the highest levels of specialization and professionalism aimed at significantly expanding the offer of qualified and differentiated services.

The constant work and the high commitment of every day created in such a way as to combine resources and highly qualified personnel with know-how and with specific skills, has led Gente di Mare Real Estate to be over the years one of the most appreciated and well-known agencies of the area, able to fully satisfy the requests of our customers ensuring their reliability and maximum transparency and confidentiality.

Great attention is paid to understanding and accommodating the specific needs of owners who entrust us with their property for sale.

For this reason, a lot of energy is invested to guide our actions, following an in-depth discussion with the seller, to correctly interpret the customer's requests, determining their needs, identifying their priorities and, above all, specifying the means.

In this way, a personalized and differentiated service is outlined for each customer to whom we guarantee flexibility in defining the sales strategies to follow. Among the services that Gente di Mare later offers, we select the target audience by identifying serious and reliable potential buyers; we enhance the property for sale with dedicated studies and services such as historical research or aerial photos; we implement marketing strategies aimed at a specific country or clientele; we adopt highly visible promotional initiatives; we use innovative communication tools such as the internet, newsletters and our exclusive brochures; we guarantee our presence and assistance even in foreign countries thanks to the support of international partners.

Finally, we intend to create a relationship of trust with our customer by putting our professionalism and all our resources at his disposal in order to guarantee a successful transaction, also solving any problems that may arise.


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